About Sheikh Asif

  • Started working at Thames Infotech as a senior graphics designer and web developer.
  • Aquired Thames Infotech from old Founder at INR 1000.
  • Shared my Business idea with some peoples in London and hire 30 members .
  • Received my first project from one of the biggest food chain company in london.
  • Started new branch in USA.& Received my first best web designer award
  • Hired 4 Senior web developers from google.
  • Received Digital Marketing Certificate from GOOGLE
  • Started my Instagram page to teach peoples free digital marketing.
  • Featured in JK Revolution News Paper In Srinagar Kashmir.
  • Got featured on 92.7 Big FM With Rj Amir.
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Sheikh Asif  is an Entrepreneur and CEO & Founder at Thames Infotech He is a smart personality with the power of growing up day by day. He is a professional Web designer/ developer, graphics designer, digital marketer author & influencer. He Have Received the best web designer award in 2017,2018 from Three Best Rated United Kingdom, a top web developer by Good Firms in 2019 , Top Digital Marketer 2021 by Indian Glory Award & nominated for the award IIBA 2020 Bangalore India. He frame codes and relate them to the outstanding output. He believe in hard work, self-esteem and most important He believe in change with every moment of technology. He believe in dynamics as the word of designing always remains so. He put all his efforts to get the best results out of his work. He is CEO & Founder of Thames Infotech but always place hi,self at the edge of learning new things. He is a professional web designer/ developer, graphics designer, digital marketer author & influencer but the best part about him is that he always love to be a learner. He don’t keep his knowledge confined to Him only he provide online classes about business, digital marketing and how to develop it and what are actual tips and tricks to succeed in the digital marketing. 

Sheikh Asif also support everyone’s business despite being new or small one he always stay updated to help others in growing their business. Sheikh always remain active socially to be the first hand to help someone who needs some guidance in work. He strongly believe that hard work is the key to success. He is a hard-working person that always turns fruitful and he always enjoy the journey of my work. Because he believe one should not only enjoy the goal but the whole journey to reach the goal. Albeit he believe in honesty, honesty towards his work, towards his company, towards his customers and that’s the reason he started his company with Rs 1000 (INR) and today he is having 3 business offices around the globe and 150+ working team members and planning to expand with more new branches. He believe in himself and that’s what keeps him going on every day.