How can I engage people on Instagram?

How can I engage people on Instagram?

How can I engage people on Instagram?

People come to Instagram to see photos, videos and stories and connect within a visually vibrant community. Here are three ways to engage your audience on Instagram:


On Instagram, you can share photos and videos that showcase your business’s personality. 
You can use Instagram’s creative tools to enhance photos and videos to inspire your audience.


On Instagram, you can also share playful and interactive stories. Using stickers, you can poll and prompt people to ask questions. 
As stories disappear after 24 hours, you can give people a glimpse of what’s going on at your business in real-time.

instagram story sheikh asif
Instagram Story


You can send and receive private messages on Instagram Direct. 
Responding to people on Instagram allows you to connect with new and existing customers by answering specific questions through the platform they’re already using.

instagram direct message
Instagram Direct

Key takeaways

  • Engage your audience on Instagram with posts, stories and messages.

Source : Facebook / Instagram